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This is a phrase. Here comes another phrase. There is a third one.
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This is a sentence with word in it.
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This is a phrase

Text Clusters Generator

A free online tool to count occurences of words and to further cluster the results

You can for example analyze qualitative data of research studies. Just copy & paste a row of data from MS Excel (or any other line separated text) into "Data Input" and analyze it. On the left side, you can split and merge phrases by double clicking either a space in a phrase or a split between phrases. In the Word Clusters section, click on a cluster counter to see its items (double click it to open it recursively). Click on a word to see in which line and context it was mentioned. Further cluster/rearrange your data via drag & drop, rename a cluster via click on its title and untrack irrelevant data. You can highlight any amount of special words (e.g. like negative declarations) and choose to manually ignore these on a case by case basis (see corresponding controls at the top). Drag & drop a line/phrase/word/word cluster onto the right side to create a new phrase cluster from the contents or to add them to an existing one. These phrase clusters can be further clustered as well, similar to the left side. Finally, save and load your complete text clusters generator data, or just the empty phrase clusters configuration as a reusable template. Additionally, export to .tsv to for example reimport it into MS Excel. This tool runs completely locally on your machine, so none of your confidential data will leave your computer or will be sent to a remote server!
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Data Input

Special Words Highlighting (comma separated)

Lines & Phrases Split: Double Click a Space in a Phrase
Merge: Double Click a Split between Phrases
Show Phrase Cluster: Right Click on Phrase

Tracked Word Clusters

Untracked Word Clusters

Phrase Clusters

(+) Double click to create empty Phrase Cluster or drop Phrase, Word Cluster or Word here,
to create a new Phrase Cluster from its corresponding phrases