Leap Motion 3D Jam

1st Person VR Horror Game


Gooze is a 1st person VR horror game, based on a real derelict asylum close to Berlin. The experience is about solving puzzles to flee from scary creatures from room to room. The player will not be provided with any weaponry, but instead is required to utilize items in the surrounding to find a way out, while living through a horrifying atmosphere of decay and uncertainty. In other words, you need to grab and inspect interactive objects and use them to solve puzzles. To do that, you need to move through the virtual environment and explore the respective surrounding.

Gooze was not released to the public as a standalone game, but various demos were used for Daniel's PhD research, including multiple user studies. The game provides several input options for locomotion and virtual object interaction, including gamepad, controllerless hand tracking, spatially tracked hand controllers and omnidirectional treadmill.